Saturday, 11 May 2013

MJAZZ Modernists 4

Check this out, the tracks on these clips sound amazing! There is a really good selection of artists on here too. I've looked for information but this is all I can find, no release date as far as know. This compilation of tracks is really amazing, have a listen for yourselves...........

LMcDIAT - Burlish
Time Undefined - (Jason oS remix) Icons
Row-Land - Betamax Heard
Old Ting - Rawtrachs
Soul Function - Deep Blue/Justice
Fume - Cope
Good Life - Milestone
The Shakedown - Critical Resistance
ED102 - Consumer
Larkin - Betamax Heard
Just in from Michigan - Justice/Metro
Outer Space - 3times

Saturday, 2 February 2013

[RHP]CDRs party

Just caught wind of this. Definitely worth checking:

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Unsung Hero's - Alpha Omega/Nubian Minds/Colin Lindo

Alpha Omega and Nubian Minds (plus more) are aliases of Colin Lindo. In my opinion he is definitely one of the unsung hero's in underground music. He has kickstarted so many labels (i.e. he's had the first release) especially within the Jungle/Drum & Bass world, and I think his music has really added value to labels like Archive, Neroli, 2000 Black, Head2Toe, etc... those labels would not be the same if it wasn't for his music.

So what is it about his music that is so special? I can't pin point it to be honest, but the combination of beats and general vibes really make me think 'This is the SHIT' when I listen to his music. I honestly do not think he gets the credit he deserves for his music. And it really p***es me off when I see other artists getting a lot of respect for what is to my ears sub-standard music.

A few years back he self-released a load of cdr's which contained drum and bass, techno, 'broken beat', house, all kinds of electronic music. Since then I haven't heard of him. However, I just found out today that he has got a sound cloud page:

Check it out! When I get a chance I will try and some video's and other stuff to this post.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Record Sleeve: Juan Atkins - Back to Basics part 1

This is the cover for Juan Atkins release on a label called New Religion. The cover looks pretty damn amazing to me! It's by a guy called Alan Oldham who is also a music artists as well as a visual one. He has done lots of good covers. He has done covers for some other releases on New Religion, and he has also done covers for Miss Djax's record labels. The only one I have in my collection is a cover he did for her album. This is one of my favourite of his. I like his style of drawing comics and I like the colours - he's done the figure in black and gold, and the eye outline in red.

I think covers like this really make a difference when buying music especially in a vinyl format. It's too easy to just pop the vinyl in a house sleeve or plain old black one. Especially as these days vinyl is costing even more to buy.

Hope you enjoy.....

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Fybe One - So What (Chesslo Junior remix)

Ok another Two Hungry Ghosts thing! They aren't paying me, honest! Lol.

This is so damn ridiculously good! For the ones that love beats give this a digital spin! I got no idea who Chesslo Junior is but I'm going to do some research in a moment, and here's where I'll be starting:

Big up Chesslo Junior, whoever and whatever you! Keep these beats rolling perleazzzze! :-)

Two Hungry Ghosts - White Label Series - Archive 1


Oh my geeeeeez. More free music, are these peeps mad! Not being funny, but I find a lot of free music is just rubbish - no it's not a psychological thing either hahha. There's some really good tracks in here and definitely worth checking out, there's some really good variety in this zip and definitely worth taking the to time flick through it and download. There's some 'well known' artists and some lesser known artists too. Please, if you love listening to new music then give it a listen......

Denz - The 7th Light [1996 Tribute]

I recently got introduced to this tune, it's good and it's a free download! Happy Days! :-)

It's a nice Jungle/Drum and Bass track - got a little hip hop flavour to it, nice rolling breaks, it's like a cross betweeb Reinforced and Full Cycle record labels :-) Mean that in the nicest possible way. Damn this needs to be on vinyl man.

For more info about Two Hungry Ghosts, check out: and check their Soundcloud: